Travelling just before the epidemic – Volaganj Shada Pathor

Recently my cousins, who were born and grew up in the UK, decided to visit Bangladesh for the first time! We had a lot of places in mind, but finally narrowed the list down to – Madhobpur Lake and Volaganj Shada Pathor.

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A glimpse at our National Tour – Part I

A national tour is a tradition in the public universities of Bangladesh. Usually when a class is in the final year of graduation, they go for a tour around the country for 5/6 days. This is a lifetime experience for every student, because this is probably the last time they share so much good memories with each other. Today I am going to talk about our national tour in 2018, which included visiting Boga Lake, Keokradong Peak, Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin’s Island.

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My Bucket List After Quarantine : 5 Must Visit Places in Bangladesh

I mentioned in my first post that I wish to travel all 64 districts of Bangladesh someday. Although I have visited some, still there are many more yet to be explored. Here are the few places I have in my Bucket list to visit after the pandemic (if I manage to live till then).

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Our Trip To Tanguar Haor, Niladri Lake & Jadukata River

This trip was back in 2017. Not being able to travel anywhere during the lockdown, I will be posting about the trips I made in the recent past.

It had been been a long time since I went anywhere with my friends. It was vacation time, everyone’s classes at the varsity were off, so we decided to go visiting places somewhere near Sylhet. After having a conversation with my friends we agreed to visit Tanguar Haor, along with Tekerghat.

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Welcome A New Travel Blogger

Hi I am Masum

From the very childhood I find interest in travelling but couldn’t pursuit my interest. Now that I have enough opportunities I set out to explore places whenever I can.

In my travelling experience one inconvenience I usually face is the lack of reliable information about the tourist spots and the expenses. To make things easier for the travellers this website was created.

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